Roller-coaster ride is over

Since Autumn kicked in some months ago, I’ve had this ongoing battle with allergies – and yes, mine manifest in Autumn not Spring.   Some days would be fine, others would drive me crazy.    Worst was the eyes.   I can put up with sniffling and coughing but itchy eyes was just too much.

As Winter crept along, the allergies subsided, only to be replaced by the flu.  I was hoping to dodge this bullet this year, but to no avail.   I just felt ragged and run down.    On a number of occasions it was guild night for my Dungeons and Dragons guild and I’d log on early to get ready.   Part way through waiting, the exhaustion was just too much and it turn off the computer of go to sleep.   Normally I’d post a message and excuse myself but that level of exhaustion impacts your normal courtesies.

As the flu symptoms were finally on the down turn, outlook on life was looking up and hopeful that I was finished with being sick.   Sadly not the case.  As luck would have it, I was stricken by food poisoning which took me out of action for a few days.

The ride is over.  I recovered from the food poisoning, and all my other symptoms had cleared up also.   Fingers crossed this state of normalcy maintains for a good long while.

The ache in my knee from tissue damage many months before is tolerable and I just take care walking, and walk a little slower than everyone else.



Its been about a week or so since I got back to The Secret World (TSW), more accurately the reboot Secret World Legends (SWL).   What always did appeal to me in TSW was the amazing story.    Funcom decided to reboot TSW into SWL and being free to play from the get go.    I remember being hesitant for months when I heard about TSW, whether I wanted to spend money on the game.   I did.   TSW was and is a lot of fun.   I have a max level character there, well kitted out.   Routinely ran dungeons and raids and was gearing for the end game.

Life led me elsewhere for a while and when I got back to TSW and my guild, the Message of the Day was the Guild was disbanded.     That rocked me.  I had a lot of people there I had enjoyed running content with.

Fast forward a few months, the reboot was announced so I waited.

Do you leave your max level, kitted out character and start over again with no gear, no money, nothing.

I did and many others did too.

Secret World Legends is still The Secret World, just better – at least I think so.  I know of people that grumble about this that and the other.    The new player experience is much better.  A number of in game mechanics have been streamlined and made more accessible.

Plus I still look awesome.

Now if Funcom can just work out why I can’t create a character with my reserved name from the previous incarnation, I’ll be set.   As it stands no one knows who I am here, and that’s not a bad thing.

If you’ve ever wanted to try another MMO, I certainly recommend this one.   The ingame community is top notch, thats a legacy from TSW and it continues here in SWL.

Winters woes

As a seasonal change, I like Winter.    It can be refreshing on a nice day, and devilishly cold on those darker days.

What gets me down is my allergies.  These didn’t manifest until last year, and I forgot all about them.  The fungal spores from decomposing leaves is wreaking havoc with my health.    Fortunately I’m a little in front of the eight ball with anti-histamine.    The extent of that seemed to not reach my eyes.

They are red, sore and itchy.   As someone who wears glasses, not wearing them does give me some relief – though I don’t know why.   My work has me working on computers day long, for which I need glasses to see.    Its frustrating.

Fortunately these past few days has been part of an extended weekend so I’m getting some recovery time in.  Its slow going.  A variety of eye drops certainly helps. Sleep when it isn’t alluding me, does wonders.

One more day to recover and then back to it.   I wholly expect to not be 100%.   Fortunately I work in a supportive team and have a variety of tools to augment my work until the symptoms clear up.   The kids pitch in at home by making sure toys and such are clear of walkways.   Without my glasses I can’t see clearly beyond my arms length.

The cats are learning too, be wary of me in this state.   Though when I sit down to rest up, they quickly avail themselves by hopping up for a cuddle to get warm.