The Umbrella

Is it raining again
Has the sun broken through
I know not which could be true
Under your shelter, always at the ready

Prepared you were
Course uncertain, briskly we strode
The shelter I had grown used, you provided
There by my side

Momentum unrelenting
I just wanted to smell the flowers
Drenched, I didn’t become
Looking up, the Sun, the Sun

Blinded over time
Forgotten completely myself
I didn’t mind the rain
Lost now, quite thoroughly

The shelter was welcome
The happy banter too
Rain or shine, the time has come
Time to step out from under the Umbrella


The Hunters Call

Stirred awake
Bathed in inky darkness
The shrill scream
Beckoned by his horn

Handmaidens a flurry
Bosom proud, corset tight
Hair unkempt, he cares not
Bow and quiver at the ready

The hunter was riding high
This night, clear and warm
We rode, swift as the wind
In pursuit, prey unseen

The dawn, fast approaching
Prey, still elusive
Till another night, we’ll dance
With blade and bow.

I’m just playing with some imagery that I’ve pieced together both from dreams and actual events.


Was it your siren song
My desire for an anchorage
Perhaps just chance
The cards dealt to me

I became tethered
Your fate and mine
Stranded together

The winds abated
Water calm, icy cold
A visage of you revealed
The numbing cold

Moaring lines
Severed by the number
Freeing my heart
Pain rending my soul

The vast sea
Rolling deceit
Eddies of betrayal
At long last, adrift