You came into our lives by chance.  You enriched our lives in ways you can’t understand.  We love you Anastasia.   You had an amazing forvever home for the three years you were with us.   Rest in peace sweetie.



Of Dragonborn

The Dragonborn arrive in Eberron and Cormyr and while they are not the normal race I would play, I must say I really do like the look of them.  They remind me of Draconians from Dragonlance.

While venturing around in Kings Forest, I was left little choice in killing a kin-race.     I’ve got mixed feelings on this one.  I was willing to negotiate;  give me your treasure and you can live.   Simple enough terms I thought.   Anyways, dead dragon it is.



With changing lifestyle, growing family and the demands of day-to-day life; finding some personal time to relax becomes harder.    One of the pass times I still engage in, albeit less now than before, is playing Guild Wars 2 aka GW2.  This is an MMORPG, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.     GW2 is definitely massive.   Even today I’m still finding places in the world, Tyria, that take my breath away.    What follows is a small showcase of Tyria.

Thriving cities for the various playable races in GW2.   This is Divinity’s Reach, home of the humans.screenshot-2016-11-13-07-05-50

Amazing forests in Ascalon.screenshot-2016-11-13-06-59-04

Foreboding dense jungle in Tangled Depths.screenshot-2016-11-13-06-20-51

The frozen landscape of the Shiverpeaks – Snowden Driftsscreenshot-2016-11-13-06-33-25

The mountains of Lornas Passscreenshot-2016-11-13-07-15-30

Beautiful and peaceful coastal regionsscreenshot-2016-11-13-06-36-28

Regions ravaged by evilscreenshot-2016-11-13-07-01-06

Even adventures under the sea.screenshot-2016-11-13-06-37-30

Choking sandstorms in Dry Top.screenshot-2016-11-13-07-40-21

Dangerous volcanic regions in The Circle of Fire – Ember Bay.screenshot-2016-11-13-06-19-19

Subterranean regions where magic convergesscreenshot-2016-11-13-07-41-39

Terrifying foes – Let there be Dragons – Tequatlgw014

The Shatterergw004

World level events involving hundreds of players – Victory over Scarlets’ Marionette.  gw139

Most of these screen shots courtesy of my character Lilly Ravenleaf, my Mesmer.    Both beautiful and deadly.  She’s my go to girl for my adventures in Guild Wars 2.  If you see her in game, say g’day.