Good bye Chrome, Hello again Firefox

When it comes down to choosing and using a web browser I have fairly simple needs.
1) it has to work, all the time
2) it needs to sync my stuff, bookmarks, passwords, form data
3) it needs to be fast

For a really long time I’ve been an avid Chrome user. It did those three things and did it well. Even having Chrome on my smart phone was a bonus.

I use Internet Explorer very occasionally, the most often use case for me, is to download Chrome and then dump Internet Explorer completely. It has always been and will always be a complete fail in the browser war. Microsoft honestly should just give up on that product.

Prior to Chrome, and I mean prior to it existing, I was a die-hard Firefox user. It was great. The thing I always liked about it was the extension most especially Adblock Plus and Youtube Downloader. Firefox was the mainstay browser for me. When Chrome came out with all the new features that made it super fast I was hooked. I got so used to the pure speed that the other considerations, I was willing to compromise on. Silly me lol.

I’ve had enough finally. For the past several weeks, Chrome has started to really piss me off. At one point it became completely inoperable on my home PC. I spent about 10 minutes trying some solutions and ended up recovering from my Arconis TrueImage backup. Each day, more and more little things just don’t work the way they did. I’m not sure what the motivation is inside the developer camp at google, but if your aim is to piss me off you have certainly succeeded.

Today I visited Mozilla, downloaded Firefox and went back to where I started, with Firefox. The trusty extension from all those years ago were still around. I also discovered Firefox now has syncing, and a quick search of the google store, and now have Firefox for Android running. When I get home tonight there will be uninstalls of Chrome across all the PCs and Firefox going back in, in its right place as the best web browser.

Good bye Chrome, Hello again Firefox.



When I started this blog, I did so purely for personal reasons, to have somewhere to lay down “on paper” thoughts and ideas, things that sparked an emotion or just random things that I saw, heard. ┬áSometimes a vivid memory was roused and brought to the foreground of my mind.

I’d never considered anything like followers or that anyone would follow or even engage with anything I would have to say. Some of you have on occasion and others more regularly.

As the year drawers to a close I would like to say thank you to everyone who has engaged with me. Most especially Bianca, GiGi and Melanie.

This year has been pretty amazing for me and I’ve shared some of it through this medium. There are some things which are personal and still quite raw in emotion and in time even those topics will no doubt find there way here.

Take care one and all.