Down time, what to watch

With the holiday season shortly upon us there will be some down time and a great opportunity to watch a movie or two.   I know I’ve had times and then had no idea what to watch.
I rarely recommend movies. Enjoying a movie is a very personal experience. What I like, you may not; might be the genre, a cast member or style of movie. Once in a while though some movies come along that you should make time to watch. This year I watched two movies that were a cut above the rest and I think its my place to share them so you too can enjoy these masterpieces.

For me, generally the movies that critics rate poorly tend to be brilliant and I love the movies and the conversely, those that are raved about tend to be utter rubbish. My wife especially is on the look out for movies that get a poor write up. I don’t know, maybe they are just clueless about being a critic.

Number #1

The Man From Earth

An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a mysterious interrogation after the retiring scholar reveals to his colleagues he never ages and has walked the earth for 14,000 years.

I highly recommend this. Its a great movie, you need to be attentive and listen to whats said. I’d dearly like to comment so much on this film, but doing so would be an injustice. You need to experience this yourself.

Number #2

The Host

When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories, Melanie will risk everything to protect the people she cares most about, proving that love can conquer all in a dangerous new world.

This is an absolutely brilliant movie. It took me by surprise as the other movies written by the same person, the Twilight Saga, were just not appealing at all. I have recommended this to a few close friends and each one has thanked me for the heads-up on this one. I’m a softy at heart and I cried at the end, as I have done each time I’ve watched.

From a dear friend, his email to me on having just finished watching The Host.

Just finished watching The Host. It’s brilliant. The best made sci-fi movie I have seen since I don’t know when. I watched it on the TV, which is why I waited to now to watch it. Wanted to see it on something better than a pc monitor. It was strange to see an American movie about alien invasion that wasn’t the usual kill them all with big guns, or aliens killing everything that moves. I don’t think I have seen a movie with quite that kind of invasion before, and done from the perspective of both sides at the same time. It was alien becomes more or less human, and the only alien with a gun was the Seeker with a human still in her head like Wanderer.

Saoirse Ronan was completely brilliant, especially having to pull off a role with a voice in her head. Considering how badly that sort of thing has been done in the past, she actually made it work extremely well. By the end of the movie it seemed strange to see Wanda without Melanie in her head, even before she was transplanted. And the fact she looked dead sexy in no way at all increased the pleasure in watching the movie. I barely noticed it in fact. I really liked how they did the aliens themselves, out of their hosts, and how they travelled between stars. I have been trying to think of something similar to compare it to, but can’t really think of anything just now. I suppose I could say Avatar, but that was as much like The Host as it was kill em all with big guns, so not quite the same. And Falling Skies doesn’t even come close to it, even though it has the human and alien friends bit in it. I am glad they made The Host, as a movie, as I think a tv series would have just dragged it out to death like many other sci-fi series. As a movie it stands on its own, and therefore stands out from the usual crap they keep telling us is creative story telling.

I genuinely hope you enjoy both of these films.