Shes’ got the look

When I created my Dragonborn I knew from the outset the look I wanted, and that was a dragon like race wearing dragon scale armor.


Many thanks to fellow guildies for contributing heroic white Dragon Scales so that I could make this.  As soon as I get a few more favor points I’ll be glammering this and back to wearing my proper armor underneath.

Of Dragonborn

The Dragonborn arrive in Eberron and Cormyr and while they are not the normal race I would play, I must say I really do like the look of them.  They remind me of Draconians from Dragonlance.

While venturing around in Kings Forest, I was left little choice in killing a kin-race.     I’ve got mixed feelings on this one.  I was willing to negotiate;  give me your treasure and you can live.   Simple enough terms I thought.   Anyways, dead dragon it is.


Nothing fancy

I found myself in a situation where the “end game” elements of DDO were exhausting and repetitive.   Worse now, for me at least, was the Anniversary event.    I’m not into events as such.    It’s a glossy coating for a different type of grinding.   This is not unique to DDO, it happens in most MMOs.   So I under went the process of True Reincarnation a couple of weeks back, starting over from level 1.     My class of choice this time round was the Bard.   This was motivated by having a tried and tested build to follow.

It was quiet today, I’d done my errands and found that it was time for Xuro to breach Splinterskull.

Xuro, in all her bardy glory

I’d not been in there that long when a spindly gimpy wizard made an appearance, and for my part, took very little convincing to join me.  The two of us plus four hirelings,  yay for full group.

Splinterskull annoys me, in and then out, and repeat time and time again.  Going deeper and deeper into the fortress.    Out numbered and outgunned we didn’t have an fancy gear at our disposal.  Just our wits.   The wizard Obsydhia popped a web in the door and I opened the door.   Choke point fighting, effective to be sure   Using their lack of line of sight to avoid nasty spell fire.   I would throw in my hypnotise when the web was stressing and followed up with fascinate.    Between the three crowd control abilities at our disposal we were able to whittle down the enemy numbers.    Having the enemy either entangled or standing dormant while you kill them certainly helps.

Despite Obsydhias’ repeated proclamation of being useless, she did save the day by carrying my soul stone to a shrine.   I lagged right into a spinning blade trap, and boom.

No one tanking, no access to decent ranged attacks or devastating warlock spells.   Just some crowd control, our wits and a penchant for going slow; the Flower Sniffer way.