The Immaculate Machine

Secret World Legends, the reboot for want of better wording of The Secret World. The thing that drew me to TSW and SWL is the story.

When I’m having down time, there are always events and daily challenges to do. Currently, The Whispering Tide is going on. Every hour on the hour, players rock up to Agartha and the Filth covered portal to beat up Flappy, The Bird of the Zero-Point Pathogen. Its pretty crazy, as you zone into a raid instance with forty, yes 40, other players to bash up this birdy.

Events are fun and have cool goodies. For myself, my goal is The Carapace of the Immaculate Machine. Basically a spandex style body armor that has a bee hive theme. I love it.

In todays daily reset, in the first Flappy of the day, I picked up two more coveted pieces to this cosmetic kit.

How cool is this, huh?



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