Feelings I didn’t expect

I play several online games and in nearly all of them have a group of friends that bonded together and formed a guild.   Like minded individuals, similar goals and enjoyed playing the game together.

One game, The Secret World, while I hadn’t played much of over the past few months; what with work and family issues, my own personal leisure time was altered.

Now and again, I check the website for our guild to see what people have been up to and today I saw a message from the guild leader, The Last Transmission.   Our guild had been disbanded.

I logged into game, and there wasn’t much more of an explanation to it; though if you actually wanted to know why it happened there was someone to message.

The guild as a whole had a bumpy ride, we had our good times and our dark times.    I’ve got fond memories from my time there and I’d made friends along the way.  The guild roster was my friendlist, with that gone I’ve effectively lost touch with people.

As I read over the guild message of the day for the second time, tears onset.   I couldn’t help it, it was an emotional thing for me.   I didn’t expect to feel this way at all.

So long and farewell to The Hive Protocol.

I spoke to guild mates in another game I was logged in at the time (Dungeons and Dragons Online), my thanks to the Flower Sniffers of Destiny for your support, especially Even, who kept me distracted for an hour while I calmed down.

Some poignant moments that I remember fondly.

The day I got my wings


Me (left) and Black-Arrow at the beach lair rocking some firepower
Me (left) and Volanna having a quiet moment after the raid
Left to Right: unknown, Broadcast, Black-Arrow, Me, Vyner – first time in the Manufactory
My first time tanking a summoned boss
Left to Right: Volanna, Mell (sleeping), Me, Minejas

3 thoughts on “Feelings I didn’t expect

  1. I’m surprised they disbanded, but then again with none of the head leadership was there. Nor, did anyone want to take over. They also drove away a lot of good people form playing.

  2. Sucks that this happened 8-/ I only play one game, and generally only one one server of that game, so I don’t really have to worry about something like this, but I can’t even imagine the gut-wrench that this would be. I hope you find some new friends over there, or better yet regain contact with your old ones.

  3. I’m really sorry this happened. 😦

    But VERY glad you’re a Flower Sniffer, and pretty sure we’ll be around for the lifespan of DDO. And you have my contact info. 🙂

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