Need help plz

That was the title in the LFM ( looking for members/looking for group ) in an MMO I play.   Dungeons and Dragons Online.

For myself, its been a long time since I’d grouped with other people outside of our friendly little guild.    It was a quest I knew well, knew I could complete ( as I’d done so two levels earlier ).  I guess I felt pity but also wanted to go spread some of the good karma, that is the Flower Sniffers of Destiny.

And into Tharask Arena, aka Vault of Night 1 (VoN1), I dove.   The group lead was a very squishy rogue, with barely a 100 hitpoints to his name.   There was some other party members and it seemed that made fairly good progress.    I ran as fast as my little halfling monk legs could carry me.

Just as I caught up with the group, they were in the staging area prior to the final fight.  With these numbers this would be quick work.   Then, it was just myself and the rogue alone, the others having bailed not wanting to break there bravery streak.

I knew I’d be ok, and I knew the rogue would not.

With the release of the first batch of ogres, the rogue went down.  I scooped up his soul stone and dispatched the ogres in short work.

I know my handwraps are only level 7, but have level drain and vorpal, is great for chewing through mobs.   I vorpal a lot, like crazy a lot.

I knew the next group would be some pesky casters and they just love throwing out dancing ball.  I popped on my ioun stone to absorb any stray spell fire.   I circled around behind each caster and with at most a couple of hits each they were gone.

Mephits.  I really hate these guys, especially the air ones who blind you and surround you.   My standing tactic which works is do a fighting withdrawal so that they cant get around you and you string them out like a chain, then its just knock em down one by one.    These took the longest, at about 90sec for group, just due to tactics.

A few more mixed groups of what I’d already dealt with coming out onto the arena floor, and quickly met there respective makers.

The final two guys were easy enough.  It was  a DPS/hit point race.   I needed to keep in front of there natural health regeneration while at the same time keeping my health up.

Enter vampiric handwraps.  Trickle health with every hit.   I also popped into mountain stance for the extra HP, the stone skin proc, DR and AC boosts.  Being a light monk I had my healing Ki as a backup plan, but I didn’t need it.

The door opened, I stood my ground and just smacked the big guy till he was dead.   His buddy stepped up, and without mercy I dispatched him with the same vigor.

My poor rogue friend, a soul all this time just watching and asking how I’m not dead.   I said I’d played monk enough to know what I’m doing, plus being in my 4th life as a monk I had some sweet gear.

The arena boss stormed into the arena, pissed at me.  I hit him with jade strike.   While he was entombed in jade I dispatched his ogre buddies and then finished him off.

I grabbed the Axe at the end and VoN 1 was done.  The rogue thanked me and left.  I recalled and went back to the air ship for a fine cup of ale.


2 thoughts on “Need help plz

  1. Very nice work! And very happy to see you back on the Good Ship Flowerpot* again! 🙂

    * – we haven’t ever *officially* named the ship, but that’s the moniker that’s kinda stuck in my head.

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