Bitterfrost Frontier

The third installment of the Living Story in Guild Wars 2 sees Lilly head to the Bitterfrost Frontier on the fringes of the Far Shiverpeaks.    Brutal terrain,  extremely cold, limited visibility coupled with stunning scenery that left me mouth agape on several occasions.

Out here in the extremes of the Bitterfrost we find old allies; the Quaggan (left) and the Kodan (right); both in dire need of our expert assistance.


Svanir structures off in the distance.screenshot-2016-11-25-17-25-01

The storm is raging, and this is day time.   Coming out at night is not for the timid.screenshot-2016-11-25-17-27-47

Night time, winds pickup and the storm reaches fever pitch.screenshot-2016-11-25-17-50-57

Lilly feels incredibly small and insignificant, with the mountains as a back drop.screenshot-2016-11-25-17-28-13

Lillys’ new lil’ pet dragon, and green too; though the harsh lighting does it no justice.screenshot-2016-11-25-17-23-24

On several occasions I would see people talking in map chat as to why anyone would be so crazy to bring a mesmer out to the Bitterfrost.  Its simple really.   Mesmers rock 🙂

I’ve only one more achievement standing between Lilly and her coveted Ice Gauntlets.   I can hardy wait.

Sometimes I wonder how Lilly doesn’t freeze, considering her taste in fashion.   I need to find her a nice thick warm coat to where.


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