I see you

So my journey of lifestyle change and weight loss progresses slowly with small steps that I can maintain.   At first I did feel a degree of frustration in the lack of visible change but the over past year there have been an increasing number of indicators letting me know I’m making headway.

When I walk, I don’t see my feet at all.   My tummy sticks, out plain and simple.  Just over a week ago I noticed something and it took a bit to make the connection.   I was seeing my feet out of my peripheral vision for the first time in decades.    So while my tummy still sticks out, its less than before.    Just another little indicator that my body is changing.   So happy about it.   So I rewarded myself and bought some new underwear, the next size down and they fit comfortably.

One step at a time, small they may be, its progress and a real boost to my well-being.


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