Second Guessing

In my job I rarely have cause to second guess myself.  I’m confident in my abilities and my knowledge and some refer to me as an SME ( subject matter expert ).    In life away from work, especially in personal relationships that is a very different picture.

I can see now in my kids the types of things, that as a child I didn’t experience.   Friends coming over to play, going to birthday parties and the like.  I didn’t experience that stuff and as a result ( along with other things that happened ) don’t have the tools in me to deal with social situations.   It just a skill set I didn’t learn and don’t really have.

Recently a situation developed within a circle of “friends” ( using the term loosely ) where I hesitated several times on any course of action.   So many emotions were involved that it was hard to see which way to turn.   I went with my gut feeling ultimately, right up to that point and even for a few days after, I have been second guessing myself.

That is when I reached out to the few genuine friends I have and talked about it.   It really put my mind at ease knowing I did the right thing.   Your council and just being there means a lot to me, thankyou so very much.


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