Welcome back, Hello there.

The journey continues, weight loss and life style change for the long run, takes a while.    Every once in a while there is a milestone, subtle as it may be that I am making progress.     The first of those noticeable little indicators was this morning.   For the first time in a really long time, my jeans sat properly around my waist.  They didn’t keep sliding down, I didn’t need my suspenders.  They just sat there.   Welcome back waist.     I was so thrilled I messaged a friend while I was at the train station, then a bit later on a couple others.  Just sharing the progress, cause I was happy.

The second little event was this evening during my “workout” in the backyard in the dark.   I admit that at this stage I’m still not comfortable with people seeing me exercise.   I’m naturally shy and I think that’s probably just an aspect of that.   Anyway, I’ve recently been introducing stretches and broom twists and a few other movements to start to work in other muscles.   During my toe-touching phase, I touched my toes.   I was stunned.  I wasn’t straining or cheating.  It was a proper toe-touch.   I haven’t been able to do that in over 20 years at best guess.   Hello there toes.

There just little things in the scheme of what I’m doing, but it gives me that little boost that I’m making headway.   Twenty plus years of doing nothing isn’t going to be solved over night.

And the journey continues.


One thought on “Welcome back, Hello there.

  1. Super happy for you, Chris! Congrats for persevering. You’re right when you say it’s a journey. Keep on, pushing on 👍

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