On the subject of not giving up

Over a year ago, I made the conscious choice to change my lifestyle habits specifically in regard to my weight.  There’s a number of facets at play but the more notable one is routine exercise.

I admit, a few times I’ve come close to just chucking it in and giving up on the whole idea.   I haven’t.   Its been hard to keep on going despite the various pressures in life.

A few months ago, I was given an elliptical trainer and took to it.  I thought it was great.  It allowed me to exercise indoors irrespective of the weather.  I started slow and worked up gradually through the tension settings; to the point where it was causing me pain.   That’s when I started to second guess this whole exercise concept.

When I first set out, I had lots of support from friends and family and that has also drifted away for the most part.   I know this is my own doing but its nice to at least have some ask you’re going.   That aspect, at least from my view, keeps you a) honest and b) impetus to keep at it.

With seemingly so many barriers of late, and my own lack luster enthusiasm,  I really was at the point of caving in.   I had plenty of excuses.   Then I remembered back to when I started that I promised myself I wouldn’t let silly little excuses stop me.

I gave away the elliptical trainer, I got some good full length gym grade leggings ( I cant stand the mosquito bites ), though I had to source these from the US cause Australia has no concept of stocking my size.  I hit the back yard again.   I’ve only been at it again consistently now for the past few days and already starting to feel better about the whole situation.


3 thoughts on “On the subject of not giving up

  1. A whole year!! Congrats to you. Sorry, I know I haven’t asked for a while – I wasn’t sure if you would consider it pestering. Now I know!!
    Don’t kick yourself for little slips, that’s normal, the main thing is to get back to it and keep going. Have you ever thought about setting yourself little goals? That’s a good way to keep yourself honest!

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