Kindly requesting some good luck

I don’t know how good luck finds people but I’d really like just a little to shine in my direction.   This past two weeks has really stretched the friendship as it were and have that feeling where everything is trying to prevent me moving forward.

It started early last week, a time where we had some overseas guests, I had taken ill with the flu.   Had the full gamut of symptoms and really taking a hard hit.    With some medication, rest and just good old sweating it out I finally saw the end of it.

On Saturday morning when I went to put the washing in the clothes drier, no joy. It was “dead”. OK, not the end of the world but certainly an inconvenience. All the washing out to the clothes line and then keeping tabs on the brooding weather.

Then this past Sunday morning, went to start my car; no joy.   “Really, like seriously what is wrong now”.   I’d only recently had it serviced, new tired, rotors and breaks.   Called the NRMA ( road service ) and after about an hour assessed that it was the fuel pump and thats not something they fix.   *sigh*   Filled out some web forms for quotes from mobile mechanics and sadly several didn’t even bother to reply.   Ultimately we went with Lube Mobile, the only quote we received back.   The guy turned up on time and confirmed the assessment.

Unfortunately, my car ( or at least this specific make/model ) is lacking this inspection plate to the fuel pump that their system bases the quote on.   Not too worry he said, that’s not an error on your part, it’ll mean more work but no extra labor cost.   As it is, was struggling to find the money anyway.  After a number of hours he’s found the culprit, not only was the fuel pump indeed dead but a connector was also corroded.   Replacing the fuel pump itself would have worked but due to the nature of the connector, wouldn’t have been a long term fix.

At this point, I knew I’d be up for more money and really didn’t have a lot of options.  The car is just essential. Dug deep, found money we didn’t have; sorry mortgage account.

I thought finally, all good.

A day later I get an txt from my missus with lots of colorful profanities in it, her car was now not working. Really starting to feel the pressure now. Her description told me it was the battery. Something that had happened to my car previously. Another call out to NRMA and confirmed the assessment. After a few hours, and a few hundred dollar later, her car was back and running.

So we cut close the bone, several other things have now gone on the back burner. When you live from payday to payday, it just gets very difficult to absorb so much mishap in such a small space of time. We got through it, just. We picked ourselves up and move forward again, and try to be better prepared for next time.   At this stage, clothes drier is still dead but that’s as far as we could get.


4 thoughts on “Kindly requesting some good luck

  1. I’m really sorry to read about your misfortune, Chris. They say that things come in 3s, and then everything resets after that (so to speak). So, hopefully fortune will now smile on you. I think most Australians are in a similar position – payday to payday, and it doesn’t help when everything is so expensive.
    Sending you a lot of virtual hugs, friend ❤️❤️

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