You look like shit

That was my greeting the other morning from my dear friend Kim in accounting.   Every morning when I get to work, we head up to the boardroom and I make us two great ups of coffee.  Kim brings the donuts and I make the coffee.   Then we chat for an hour.   We bitch about life, work, people and stuff.

The one thing I love about her above all else, is she is plain speaking and tells you to your face.  You know exactly where you stand.   I knew I looked like death warmed up, I hadn’t slept well. So soon as I turned the corner into her cubicle and I said good morning, she comes back with “You look like shit”.   How I managed to get to work was a mystery.   After the morning ritual, I rooted around for my comb.  If at least I could fashion my hair into some form of order rather than a birds nest I’d get through the day.   No luck and lots of odd expressions all day.

So that’s my little story but it has a deep and important message which I do believe I need to shout other wise it may not get through to some people.


Do pussy foot around, we’re adults.  Come out and say it.  If you don’t like something I said, did or what not; say so.   I’m not a mind reader.

Its all so simple really and why people can’t just get that is beyond me.   So grow up, act your age and SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY.

There are some readers out there who need to pay special attention.  You know who you are.  You’ve upset a friend of mine and it pains me that you can be so childish.   In the fullness of time, karma does come around.  Then you’ll look to your inner self and wonder what you did to deserve it.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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