Its not all fun and games

A few days ago we recieved a cute little foster cat called Jude.   Everyone was taken in by his cute looks.  He’s only 5 months old and still quite skittish.

Last night I could hear my daughter pleading with my missus to have Jude sleep in her room.  I think in the end my daughter got her way.  I advised against it, but I suspect my suggestion was lost in all the please please please.

This morning my daughter was standing at my door, in tears, muttering about stupid cat.  Apparently Jude was quite active last night and someone didn’t get any sleep.

Jude is out of the room and my daughter is asleep.  I think she just learned a valuable lesson, one that no amount parental advise could instill.  Wanna learn the easy way or the hard way?

And with everyone asleep I can watch what I want on TV.


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