The towel

Its a simple thing really, a towel.  It hangs in the bathroom day in day out, there to dry you off.  You wash it when needed, hang to dry and back into the bathroom.

I’m 40ish and for the first time ever, bought my own towel.   Might seem unusual or even surprising but think about.   Did you ever buy your own towel?

Growing up, mum bought towels for the whole family.  You were issued one and when it became worn, it was replaced.   Never gave thought nor cared about the item itself.  Just one of things that was just always there.  They were bought in bulk, not the softest material nor very absorbent, until they were worn in a bit.

When I met my wife and we moved in together, we were given towels by our respective parents; the overflow.  Towels enough to literally last decades.   Now, I’ve always been a big person and I’ve never had a towel that fitted me.   None of this standing around in a towel.  Get dried and get dressed.   My current towel was starting to well and truly show signs of age and needed replacement.

I started my search for large towels.   I measured mine and looked for something bigger.   Not knowing what to look for was probably the biggest stumbling block as searches of large or extra-large towels always landed me back in the realms of the towel I already owned.

One of the places I was searching, had one of those “If you like this, then you might like this” type of thing.  I lead me to a section on bath sheets.   Not a term I was familiar with.   Description read like that of a towel but the dimensions, oh my, these were big.   I compared the quoted dimensions with my current towel and was chuffed.  This was actually going to be a decent size.

I read the reviews, everyone who ordered one was happy and so placed my own order.

Yesterday, for the first time in my adult life I have a towel that is just for me and wrapping it around was the most wonderful feeling.   I was fully enclosed, it was so soft, it absorbed the water with ease and was dry the following day.

Its a simple thing, taken for granted but makes such a difference to your personal happiness; the humble bath towel  sheet.


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