Birthdays and gifts for people who have everything

Later this month, my dad will have his birthday. None of us in the family ever know what to get as he has everything he wants and or needs. I remember a colleague work showing me some canvas prints she had made, and I was suitably impressed with the result and filed the idea away for another time. This gave me an idea for a great gift.

Some months ago I took a really nice family photo but hadn’t done anything with it. I searched around for places that did canvas prints, found a place and they just happen to have 75% discounts on the size I was thinking about. Serendipitous.

As a result of my purchase I’ve been provided with a link to pass on similar savings to anyone who wants to make use of it.

All to often, with all the convenience of digital photography our photos in some regard are less accessible now than they were before when you just had them in a photo album, especially for my parents that do not have computers or any similar technology to view stuff “online”.


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