Anyone with pets will tell you about all the little things that their loved ones get up to. Every pet is different and they do “talk” to us, just not in the conventional sense.

It got me thinking, as we have four cats – our own plus three fosters, while I was cleaning the kitchen this morning. See normally by this time I’ve given all the cats breakfast. Not today. I was in the zone and really wanted to get the kitchen cleaned. Im sure the cats won’t die if they wait 30 mins for food. Well. Each cat expressed themselves very differently.

Samson. He is our cat. We’ve had him about 15 years now and he’s an old boy but still going ok. He can’t meow anymore but kinda makes this weird gasping noise. He’s an outdoor cat too and loves it. He just comes to the backdoor around feeding time, puts his feet on the steps and waits. “Hey I’m here now, feed me please”. He eats and then he’s off again until the next meal.

Kira. Little feisty foster black cat.
“Look at me. See how cute I am. Looook. ok now follow me. See that s food. Now gimme gimme. ”
Once the food is down its “Um will I eat from the blue bowl or the pink bowl. I’m so special. Going to eat some from blue and some from pink so I don’t miss out”.

Alana. Bit of a bully cat but Kira keeps her in place, so much so that when Kira is eating, Alana is waiting.
“I’m so hungry. I hope Kira leaves me some food. Hurry up Kira I wanna eat.” When Alana does get to the food “You left me some food, yay. I’m so hungry.

Molly. The last of the fosters and definitely the most gentle. “Is it breakfast? Oh ok. Lemme finish sleeping and I’ll get some later. I don’t mind waiting cause I know I’ll get pampered and a fresh top up if it’s all gone. Being last has its perks. pur pur pur”.

Cats are great pets and so funny to watch. So long as you know your place is to serve them, they will be happy.

Have a great day.


3 thoughts on “Personality

  1. All pets do have personalities, my cat sassy will run up to your door or the dish and look at you look at the dish and if its not ready for her to eat will meow incessantly till its filled. My ferret will literally pick up her food bowl and throw it at the cage if its empty, then shake the cage to let you know its empty. My rat will just sit there and wait patiently. It makes it real fun to guess what each one wants

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