Christmas Apathy and turning the tables

That time of year is rolling around again.   I’m already fed up with it.   Businesses have been advertising this for months on end and I’m desensitized to the whole season.   For them its just all about money, the meaning has been lost.

As a different approach this year, I only purchased gifts from “small” businesses, run by sole traders, husband and wife teams etc.   There going up against these big greedy giants and its appalling the tactics they use to kill small business.

So here are a couple of small businesses that I have made purchases from this year and hope that you’ll pop on by and have a look for yourself.

First up, a lovely little site that is for all you soap lovers out there.  The Scrumpy Soap Co  makes getting gifts for my missus easy.   I also grabbed a couple for myself as I have skin sensitivity with a lot of soap and this sounds like a winner to me.    Ordering and payment was quick and easy and had a confirmation of shipping shortly there-after.

Next up is Uscha.   Makers of beautiful hand-made products.   I had bought a journal for a friend and have since purchased some of the smaller ones as gifts for this year.    The quality and craftsmanship is simply stunning.  I know when I received my first journal it smelt and felt so wonderful to hold that I didn’t want to part with it as a gift.

Do something different, steer clear of the big corporates and support the little guys.   Even make stuff yourself.   Its long over due for all of us to get back in touch with the meaning and spirit of the season.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Apathy and turning the tables

  1. This is one of the big things I try to advocate for. However, in the US they make it almost impossible to succeed as a small business. Those that do, generally have a much higher price tag for similiar items at big retailers. I have managed to find a few reasonably priced places myself though.

  2. I think we’d all love to support indie companies first–but I never seem to find them. I just stumble across big online companies that are essentially the equivalent of those chain stores.

    And when I do find little companies, I find that they can’t absorb the same kind of costs that a big one can so their products/shipping&handling cost so much more. Or else I’m jumpy at buying from them because there’s always a risk that comes with trusting a small online vendor you don’t know with your credit card.

    As Rayneayami says it’s not as easy as “just buying from somewhere else.”

    I try to do something on top of the gift that doesn’t involve money instead–a personal letter, making your own card, etc. I feel like putting that kind of effort combats the constant stream of “buy this buy that” everywhere. Indie companies are still companies that want you to spend your money on their products, they just don’t have the advertising power to shove it in your face as much.

  3. I personally think that Christmas should be renamed Consumerism. It has become a spending and shopping frenzy, and the majority have literally bought into it.
    I see merit in your points and the 2 comments above. We should try to make gifts more personal and support local, ethically responsible companies instead of defaulting to the big corporates.

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