Mum, my tummy is bumpy

So started a journey a few days ago when my son was showing us his bumpy tummy. Looked like a rash, something I’ve seen before. The following morning the bumps were still there, and red. He’d made his bed too which was nice. I thought that was great for a 7 y/o to do.

Few hours later, he still wasn’t feeling 100% and lost his appetite. He wanted to have a sleep, at which point we’d solved one mystery. Why he was making his bed. He was wetting it. Rather than telling us, he’d made his bed to cover it hopping it would be ok. So I thought the rash was related to sleeping in a wet bed.

We had a chat about the bed and he helped me get everything out and into the wash. After which the missus took him to the doctors for some cream. After a few hours, they are home and he has some strepy….something bacterial infection. Penicillin for 10 days, some time away from school. Simple enough and nothing to worry about apparently. This was Saturday. The doctor wanted a follow up on Monday.

Over the weekend, he is showing signs of improvement. Around midday Monday I get a txt that he has Scarlet Fever. We were duly informed of what action we needed to follow. He’s getting better and we caught it early.

Long story short, if your child is showing signs of anything other than normal, don’t assume its nothing. Get it checked out.


6 thoughts on “Mum, my tummy is bumpy

  1. Oh my, I’m half you got this checked out sooner than later. Thanks for the heads up and I wish your son a speedy recovery. Xx

  2. Miracle. Fuchsia rather than Scarlet. My birthday is today – 11/11. I am 54.

    A research project of mine required that I conduct a dyeing project. I purchased a small amount of silk to be dyed purple with fuchsia (a red) added for an attempt at replicating “Tyrian Purple”. The fabric came out nicely, a deep purple; however, there were some imperfections or anomalies in the dyeing…there were three clear images of what appeared to be a beautiful flower(s), Jesus on a crucifix (you can see his face) and the face of what appears to be a rabbit or rat ( ears, eyes, nose and upper lips where the whiskers would be). These images were the result of the dye not taking in these spots. This project was conducted on 11-10-14 in the afternoon and three people in my family saw the non-dyed spots that made the images. We were astounded at the neatness of the experience. I folded the finished silk into a small square and placed it in a container for safe keeping. Well this morning, 11/11 at about 1:30AM (about one hour ago), I had the notion to Google three words for the heck of it. I Googled: ” flower crucifix rabbit “. Your “Down The Rabbit Hole” came up first in line to view. If you’ll note…”rabbit” by taking out the “bbi” is “rat”. You may be starting to see the serendipitous nature of this message. Well, I noted the orchids in your website associated with the word “crucifix” and “rabbit” and went to the “Home” click on your site where I noted the story of your son having Scarlet (red) Fever (I hope he is doing OK !). I also saw the story of the stroke of Olivia. Her face was that almost exactly what shows on the purple silk fabric as an anomaly. I don’t know quite what else to say…my dyeing project was the result of me contacting your site and you. Perhaps the Miracle is for your son…you can answer on this “reply” and/or write my personal e-mail. Looking forward to hearing from you. Ken

    1. That was an interesting read and pretty amazing. There is definitely meaning in it, as to what exactly that is, I’m not sure. In any event, a crossing of paths has occurred. My son is doing markedly better and will be back at school soon. At the moment he is enduring being at home and playing on the computer.
      Thankyou and take care.

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