Multiple Choice

I recently had a conversation with my children regarding telling lies. I have caught both of them out a few times for trivial things. It was time to have a chat.

When someone asks you a question there can be four ways to handle this, three are acceptable, one is certainly isn’t.

Option A. This one is the easiest. Tell the truth. Its the easiest one to remember. It might be factual information, some thing regarding a event you were involved in. Its the option that if five different people ask you the same question, the answer is always the same.

Option B. I don’t know. In life there are going to be things you just don’t know about, won’t learn about or experience. That’s just how it is. It’s a perfectly acceptable answer and no one should ever criticize you for not knowing.

Option C. I decline to answer. I know I have been in situations where I have gone with Option C, it just wasn’t my place to comment on it. Also, being asked a question that you are not comfortable answering. You have your reasons that you don’t want someone to know something and thats ok.

Option D. Lie. Here you’ve opted to fabricate an answer that is untruthful. It’s a complicated road to travel as you’ve adopted that lie as your truth. You now have to commit resources to maintain it. If at any point your response become inconsistent, someone will notice. Once the lie has been detected you have two choices; continue the lie or admit to the truth ( only one of those is the right answer btw ). In any event, all trust is lost. That’s a given. If you opt to take the truthful path, you have a chance to rebuild trust. I can assure you, that will take a very long time.

My daughter understood this well. My son, I don’t know if its sunken in.

What answer do you go with?


2 thoughts on “Multiple Choice

  1. This is a question that would depend entirely on the circumstance and person asking the question, but my stock answer is to be honest and upfront. I would want, expect and respect the same in return, after all.

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