The Curve Ball

When it comes to decision-making, I don’t make quick decisions. I plan and analyse from as many perspectives as I can. Once I’ve reached a point where I can make the best and well-informed decision, I go ahead and commit.

Then it comes, The Curve Ball.

This unknown, surprise element that throws everything into chaos. When it’s something where the scope of the decision is limited to myself, it does eek me that I couldn’t see it coming. It is when the decision involves more than just myself, it’s a source of stress.

A recent curve ball has me unsettled and with no obvious way to resolve this situation. I know it’s not the proverbial end of the world and I will keep thinking it through, trying to find a solution that works.

What will you do when your Curve Ball comes? Give up and go home or keep on swinging until you knock it out of the park.


3 thoughts on “The Curve Ball

  1. I see curve balls as either a challenge or an opportunity. Either way, you’ve got to keep going. I’m sure you’ll work it out 😉

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