Jelly, and The Burning

Recently, I have acquired an orbital trainer.  Chance, coincidence or whatever you may wish to call it, it found its way to us. Not one day had elapsed since the missus and I had discussed the possibility of getting one; knowing though we could never afford one.    So when I friend offered us one, we accepted it with heart felt thanks.

The first night, I did my normal walking outside and afterwards I gave this thing a go.   The next thirty seconds passed so slowly, it was surreal.  I stopped mid stride, my legs protested, not wanting to progress any further.   I stepped off, nearly collapsed.  My legs had turned to jelly.  Walking seemed like some impossible task as my legs groaned with their own internal suffering.   I fumbled my way over to my chair and sat.

Sweating and out of breath and unable to even speak.

Then it happened – the burn.

My muscles felt on fire and I ached terribly all over.   I’m not sure how long I was in this state; yet as the pain slowly subsided, the recognition that I’d progressed sunk in.

The second night, I pushed on, got up to 2 mins 44 secs.   The pain was there, I was sweating wildly.  I smiled a little smile to myself.  I remember that when I started doing my evening walking, that it kinda like this.   Having this in my room, affords me the opportunity to hop on whenever I feel like.  I can have a movie playing or listen to music and exercise at the same time.

I’m now up to day four.   I just completed almost 10 minutes on this thing.   My legs have a dull ache, and I have a sheen on my brow.  I feel good all over.   I will continue my evening walking, and will incorporate time on the orbital trainer as well.


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