Let it go

Sometimes, people say or do something and it really gets under my skin.   It can be annoying, frustrating or just makes me angry.    I’ve have learned over the years to not react rashly as it invariably does not end well. Now I just chill and think about it, stewing away in my head.   This can go on for hours unfortunately.  A myriad of emotions accompany my analysis as I explore from different perspectives.   Often I come to conclusion that in context it was such a minor thing, there is no point getting all worked up over nothing.

Raising my children, I try to instill in them the concept of think before you speak; doing it myself is proving to be valuable.    It wasn’t always like that though.  I used to be to quick to respond, to my detriment generally too.

So the next time someone does something or says something that really bugs you, hold your tongue and give it a thorough thinking through.


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