The party

Social events like parties, basically they scare me.   Its a fear of the unknown, it is part of who I am and some people understand, others simply dont.  Over coming ones fears is not so easy to do.

One might think that surely events of a celebratory nature would not be something to be afraid of.   For me it stems from the lack of experience, which in itself leads to a catch 22.

Lack of experience you are thinking?   Yep.  Throughout my life the number of parties I’ve been invited to I can count on one hand, and attended very few of those.  Even my own birthday I dont bother with really, my wife insists we go out to lunch.  I’m uncomfortable around large groups of people.   I dont know what the decorum is in these events.  Small groups of three to five, that’s OK.  Beyond that it becomes daunting.  

It is the way it is.   I doubt I’ll ever change.


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