Three plus two equals five

As my exercise routine evolves I adapt what I’m doing so that I don’t over do it and can maintain some consistency.   Recently I have added jogging into my walking track around my backyard.   Initially I started adding a lap of jogging, in a way similar to how I started walking.   After a few weeks I found I had hit a ceiling with what I’m capable of with respect to outright jogging and so I varied that routine.   Now I walk three laps, then jog two laps.    Using this approach I can complete several sets of five fairly comfortably.    I can do more, for a longer period of time.   

I continue to do this my way and in my own time frame.   This seems to be one of the primary key aspects.   You have to decide to do it and you decide how. 


4 thoughts on “Three plus two equals five

  1. The key to a good exercise routine is variation, because our bodies adapt so quickly. I’m impressed that you’ve graduated to jogging now – I bet you wouldn’t have thought it possible before you started this weight loss adventure?
    Very inspiring, well done 🙂

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