Further along

As I have previously posted, earlier this year I made a choice to turn my life around and correct things that were not right in my lifestyle and eating habits. The journey to date has been both very difficult and enlightening.

Some little things that have changed along the way.

When I started out I used a stopwatch to count down the time I had remaining in my little exercise session. Now, I don’t count down anymore. I time to see how much I’ve done, not what I have left. Its a subtle difference but an important one.

For a while I did cut out a lot of bad foods, and most of them simply don’t have a place in my eating habits anymore. I don’t miss them and have no cravings to consume those items. However, I do on occasion treat myself to some chocolate as a reward and only a few pieces; as opposed to a whole block.

Recently, I received an email which was humbling and brought a smile to my face. My blog posts about my journey to try and loose weight has inspired someone to stop making excuses and do the same thing and take control. I never thought I would ever do anything that would inspire someone else.

When I was young, mum taught me to sew. More for the mending of clothes but now I have found those skills to be important as I take-in my pants, jeans and underwear and reduce the waist. It was one of the first real signs to me that I was doing the right thing, that my jeans wouldn’t stay up and my underwear kept slipping down. Some items I have taken-in as much as four inches.

This past week I have enjoyed shopping for clothes. As my size has come down a bit, more options have opened up and I have some new polo tops to wear with more on the way. Its a nice emotional boost. I even have my eye on a nice pair of black jeans too.

I know I have a long way to go and it will take time. I will get there eventually. One thing that did dawn on me, is at some point I will eventually be able to walk into a clothing store and buy something off the rack. I haven’t done that in decades and its a little scary.

To those of you supporting me in your myriad of ways, I sincerely thank you.


4 thoughts on “Further along

  1. I’m proud of you! It’s such a great feeling when you finally commit to something and stop making excuses – it makes you wonder what the difficulty was beforehand? πŸ™‚ Posts like this are sure to inspire other people – you have certainly inspired me.
    You are making the best progress, because it’s steady and long lasting, and you’re doing it your way.
    Happy weekend πŸ™‚

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