Four months down the track

About four months ago I made a decision to change my lifestyle habits and eating habits. Progress is slow and steady. I’m going well.

I’ve incorporated exercise into my daily routine, something I thought I could never fit in. The most noted change is in eating habits.

I’ve said goodbye to lots of foods that I always ate without giving much thought to the ramifications.

Soft drink

all gone, to name a few. Along with fast food, although I never had a lot of it; now I have none.

I gave up coffee too. Withdrawal from caffeine hits quite hard. I’ve been a coffee drinker for 20+ years with 2-3 cups, sometimes more, per day. I’ve been reducing my intake for several weeks but the 3-4 days after stopping altogether were horrible. Constantly tired and cranky. Fitful sleep patterns. Now I have herbals teas and lots more water each day.

I really thought as I came off these “bad” foods that I would have a craving for them. I don’t though. I don’t miss them at all.

The change is hard. While I haven’t noticeably lost any weight yet, I do feel better.


One thought on “Four months down the track

  1. As you have found out, when you ween yourself completely off of junk food you will no longer crave it. One of the reasons this happens, is the chemicals they add into junk food has a habit of acting like a drug unto itself. It makes you crave more of it. Once the detox completes, you lose the craving

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