Spicy Winter Warmer

Here is a lovely spicy winter warmer comfort food. I saw part of this on a cooking show, I don’t recall which, but I caught enough of it to form the basis of this recipe.

Now I don’t get to cook often and as such there is no precise measurements for ingredients. Its all just look ‘n’ feel. If it looks about right, all good.

This is what I used.
1 Chorizo sausage
3 small single chicken thighs, trimmed of all fat
portugese spice mix – mine has chilli, paprika, salt, lemon
cumin spice
1 tin of diced tomatoes.
fettucini egg pasta – I used half a packet.
1 cup of chicken stock

Broadly chop the Chorizo and put into a hot fry pan and brown it off.
In a separate large pot start boiling water for the pasta.

While the sausage is browning, chop up the chicken thigh into similarly sized chunks.
Rub with your cumin and Portuguese spice.

Take the Chorizo out of the fry pan and add the chicken pieces straight in.
Brown off the chicken in the oils from the sausage.

Add the Chorizo back into the pan, add the 1 cup chicken stock and the tin of diced tomatoes. Once it reaches a nice bubble, reduce heat and allow to simmer.

By this time you’ll have a nice rolling boil in the pot.
Add the pasta in. The fettucini egg pasta I use takes 6-8mins to cook.

Once the pasta is done, basically its all done.
If your chicken chunks are a bit larger, then allow some extra time here.

Serve up the pasta with a generous scoop of the chorizo/chicken mix on top.

This took me about 20mins all up to make including prep time and made two serves.


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