When I was young and living at home, mum always always used old towels as mats in the bathroom. Wet tiled floors are seriously dangerous. Old towels fit the bill perfectly. They were large, absorbed water and easily cleaned and when the day finally came that they were just too old, mum tossed them. It worked.

After I got married, the missus and I moved into the house we bought; the first night there I placed an old towel on the floor. It was just what I knew, had always done and grew up with. That didn’t sit well. “You don’t uses towels for that, we will buy proper bathroom mats”. Sigh. I guess its one of those compromise things where two people start to adjust to each other.

Moving forward 10 plus years, the never-ending quest for the perfect bathroom mat continues. Now again I would raise the topic of just using an old towel, to which my wife would give me the look. Its hard to describe but everyone sees it in their significant other.

The mats we have at the moment might be in the running for the perfect mat, only because they have managed to stay in the house for more than six months. They do have one unfortunate side effect. Our cats like them too.

So this morning, all dressed for work, just needed to brush my teeth and put on my shoes and go. I walked into the bathroom, stepped on the mat and my sock was wet. ewwww. Stepping into a puddle of water is bad enough. This wasn’t water. One of the cats left a little liquid gift on the mat, which it dutifully soaked up and then transferred into my sock. sigh. What a way to start the day.

Off came both socks, into the wash along with the bathroom mat with the yellow cat pee stain. Washed my feet, dried and new socks. Now running a tad late. Why oh why can’t we just use an old towel I will never understand but for now, the quest continues.


4 thoughts on “Squelch

  1. Ha ha, this story made me laugh. Both in the compromising that is marriage and the story about the bath mat. Hope your day improved 🙂

    1. Ah thank you Bianca. Today was one of those days where 1 plus 1 did not equal 2. That’s just the nature of IT work sometimes. Have a great weekend.

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