I didn’t fully appreciate until the other day just how much I missed the Wind. The cool gentle caress of it on your skin during a warm day. It’s a simple joy. Here in Australia where I live it has been hot and humid for quite sometime. As such I tend to stay indoors when at home in the comfort of air conditioning. At work, well, its air conditioned anyway, so is my car and the train I commute to work in.

During those moments when I’m between one of the those locales I’m subjected to heat and humidity. Its soul sucking and completely saps away my will. When I arrive at work at 6am, I’m already tired and feel like I haven’t slept. In some cases, I haven’t slept well either, the sticky humidity has made achieving a good nights sleep like some unattainable prize in a game show where the odds are stacked against you.

This past Friday, Mother Nature blessed us with a change in the weather. The temperatures dropped and the wind returned – a cool wind as opposed to the summery blast furnace winds of late. We are only a week or so from Autumn officially commencing, and this was a little early treat letting us all know that Summers harsh stranglehold will soon be over.

When I disembarked the train, I stood still for a whole minute and just let the wind embrace me with its gentle ( ok, not so gentle as it was a bit gusty ) cool touch.

It was an amazing feeling. I felt invigorated. When I got to my car, I put down all the windows and took a more leisurely drive home and just enjoyed the wind blowing on my face.


2 thoughts on “Wind

  1. A cool breeze is wonderful. Could you send one over to Brisbane, please. Summer is having it’s final fling with us and the aircons are working overtime.

  2. Nice. If we every get out of winter we will probably go directly into summer, skipping spring entirely. We’ve done it before. From freezing to 100 degrees. It’s insane. I hope we get some nice weather in between. This has been a tough winter and we are all ready for a break.

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