Throughout my life I’ve heard terms like best friend or circle of friends and a array of similar terms both indicating some form of structure to friendship.   It alludes to a form of hierarchy that is established between yourself and another individual.  I’ve personally always found this to be confusing.

When I look at the friends I currently have; there are those that are closest to me, my dearest of friends who number only a few.   The next circle outward, good friends that I have measures with what personal information I share with them.   These circles keep extending outward.  Towards the outer edges, those that I keep in touch with on an irregular basis.

The relative position of friends within these circles can and does change as the friendship changes.   Some friendships grow very strong while others fade.   It just seems to be the way it is.

I have come to the realization that while I might see a friend being in one of the closer circles that this relationship may not be reciprocated and I may not be held in the same regard from their perspective.    It is certainly an odd feeling.   Knowing that I consider someone close and from their perspective treated more of an acquaintance.    Emotionally this has left me a little perturbed  but it is what it is.   Its almost as if some barrier exists that prevents transitioning to the next inner most circle.

It has left me thinking though, are there friends that I have that feel as I do; where they have placed me in a close circle of friendship and I’ve not recognized it.    Oh life is complicated sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Circles

  1. I stumble over this at times (especially online). There were some connections that I thought were strong and then the switch was flipped without my knowledge and now it’s just weird and superficial. I don’t know either. Just concentrate on those that you feel are 100%, or ask them. Often these misunderstandings are nothing more than miscommunication.

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