I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 18 and started studying in I.T. Its pretty much a staple for me. Always 1 cup in the morning to get started. Over the past year that simple cup of coffee became something important. A work colleague/friend and I began to share a cup of coffee once a week and spent some time chatting. The once a week grew to once a day. Only ever in the mornings though. We enjoyed the coffee, the chance to just sit back and chat about whatever came to mind. It was a new experience for me and it was something that we both enjoyed.

Recently though my friends’ MS worsened and had a much greater impact on her mobility to the point where we put our heads together and presented the idea of her working from home to her supervisors. It took weeks to get approval, IMO, far longer than it should. For my part, setting up everything so she could work from home was done quickly and efficiently.

It worked first go and has been working flawlessly since. I made a difference to her quality of life, for the better. It is something I enjoyed doing for her and she appreciated greatly my efforts. Last time I saw her she was very happy and again expressed her gratitude.

I do miss our mornings of a cup of coffee and a chat.


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