Teddy Bears

Some years ago my wife bought a Teddy Bear Rose.   She planted them underneath our Mulberry tree cause it would give it shelter.   I suggested a few other more suitable locations, she liked them right there.

Fast forward three years and the Teddy Bears weren’t very happy and looked quite sickly.   I did some of gardening my style and ripped the poor thing out, potted it, pruned it and gave it some TLC.   This action was responded with an “omg your killing it” and “might as well toss it now, its gonna die”.    I think my missus sometimes forgets that one of my previous occupations was that of a gardener, maintaining a show garden for a Doctor and his wife.

Its been about four weeks now and the Teddy Bears are happy, healthy and flowering like crazy.    I did get a “thankyou” for saving them 🙂


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