Put through the wringer

Usually I can brush off a cold reasonably well.   Keep warm, stay well hydrated, take vitamin C…you know the drill.   While that’s all good and well it really doesn’t help you actually feel like doing anything.

This past week my ability to brush off this cold hasn’t been working.   I’d past the normal period that I would ordinarily be sick, the symptoms were much worse and I looked like death warmed up.   I finally gave in and went to the GP.   I do not going to the doctors cause they invariably hone in on something completely unrelated and end up not treating the symptoms I want treated.

This new surgery in an adjacent suburb was newly built and had operating hours commencing at 8:30 am.   Finally some common sense there.   I duly completed the new patient form, presented my medicare card and was asked to wait.   I knew I looked like crap so I sat as far as possible from everyone else.   I’d not wish these symptoms on anyone.    My wait was short and I was sitting in front of the Doctor, barely 10 mins after the surgery had opened.

I presented my symptoms, how I felt and everything that I’ve gone through the past week even detailing the homeopathic stuff I’ve been on.   His first recommendation was, to me, surprising as it was to purchase fresh lemons, organic honey and make a drink every 1-2 hrs and consume.    My experiences, while limited, have often been of the shove this medicine into you every x hrs and see you in a week.     He prescribed a series of non-pharmaceutical remedies to follow through with ( again surprised ) and finally he did prescribe an antibiotic.  I did have an infection, quite severe apparently, and coupled with my immune systems pre-occupation with fighting cold and flu symptoms explained my haggard state.   They will help clear the infection, the rest will help with the cold/flu symptoms.

I’m on day two of my recovery and even the missus commented on how much better I was looking.  At one point she commented that I could pass as an extra in the Walking Dead.     To me the visit to the doctor was different to what I had expected and will be more willing next time the bug bites me to seek some assistance.


4 thoughts on “Put through the wringer

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re sick, but glad to hear that you’re getting better. I usually find doctors a waste of time, and only use them when I know I have an infection and need an antibiotic. This new doctor of yours sounds like a keeper! Get better soon 🙂

  2. I agree with Bianca completely. I also agree with what you said about doctors finding things completely unrelated to why you went in the first place. Blah. They terrify me. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go.

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