Waking early each day does afford sometime to think before the chaos of the world invades my peace. Over the past few weeks I have been putting together a short poem, summarizing and condensing down events of my life to date. The two attempted suicides of my sister, life at school, Janes’death, eventually moving on and getting married, the birth of two amazing kids with a future that is unknown where things are looking pretty good and hopeful.

So here goes,

The road behind me
Memories no longer haunting

My soul
Crushed, hurting

My heart
Torn asunder, yet still beating

My spirit
Trambled, yet resilient

Born from pain

The paths before me
Clarity escaping

A partnership
Forged from love

Our souls
Bound, intertwined

Our Hearts
As one

Our Spirit
Unwavering, determined

Of joy and happiness

The roads end
Beyond the veil of life, together forever


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