Happy Anniversary

Today the 21st October 2013, marks thirteen special years with my wonderful wife.

Life is at best a bumpy road with lots of intersections, u-turns and switchbacks. Together though we make a wonderful team and no matter what happens we always come out on top and in front.

Instead of the traditional card I took a different approach and wrote her a love letter and poured out my feelings onto paper. This alone almost brought on a torrent of tears when she read it. Then came time to open the large mysterious parcel.

Shortly after we married, we saw a pots’n’pans set that we really liked but had no hope of affording. Needing something we settled on what we could afford. It was ok and served us well for 13 years. Today, she unwrapped a new set of pots and pans, in the “perfect colour”, her words, and also was of a type that you could go from stove top to oven. This is something she’d often remark on when watching cooking shows.

This did make her cry. That I’d put so much thought and time into choosing something for her and remembering all the way back to year dot to that set we saw.

Soon I’ll be dropping the children at school, I put in for a day of annual leave so we could have the day to ourselves. Lunch will be at our favourite Chinese restaurant with a table for two by the window.


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