I can not imagine how others experience this. It’s a very personal and intimate feeling and is unique between a pair of people. I do know that there are different types. The love I have for my friends is different to that of my love for my family and different again to that with my wife.

I still remember how it felt with my first girl friend, the first time I truly experienced it. I could try to explain what it was like, yet my skills with language would certainly not do it justice; and to be honest I think trying would do it a disservice.

Recently, a friend, whom I love and care very much about is undergoing a life changing event as she is falling in love. I was so happy for her I cried. She gave explanation via email that she hasn’t been in touch with me as much because of that. I was over joyed that she shared this part of her life with me. She was worried that I might have taken offense to the fact the she was communicating less with me and focusing on her new friend. I laid her fears to rest. I was truly happy for her. I’m happy that she thought enough of how I might feel to talk to me. I know she cares about me. I love her. I hope that the love she finds with her new friend is true.

I don’t even know how to finish expressing how I feel and I know about to start crying again. I just want her to be happy, have love in her life and find that someone she can share her life with as I have found for myself.


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