The Cold and The Dark

Its Thursday.  Like any other I guess.  I slept well for a change and woke of my own accord a little before 4am, rather than being jarred awake by my squeaking alarm.

I feel good.  My hair was a mess and I haven’t shaved but I feel good.

I got dressed for work, hopped in the car.  Car greets me with a fuel warning light.  Yes I know, you want food too.  Popped in at the service station, fed the car and grabbed a light couple of things for me.

Standing here on the rail platform under a dim  light.  Its Spring here in Australia yet this morning is so cold.   The last grasp of winters icy fingers raking across the land.

Its a clear sky and beyond the platform lights its dark, an inky darkness.  I can see the stars *sigh*.  

The Currawong sings lyrically as it knows dawn is close.  Other birds are singing, discussing the day ahead.

Its an amazing time.  The cold of the wind, the rustle of the leaves, the inky darkness just beyond the viel of the platform lights, the myriad of stars in the sky and the beautiful music by natures’ orchestra.

Its a moment in time I could easily just remain in forever.  Where we live, on this small azure sphere in the depths of the heavens, we truely are blessed.

All you have to do is stop.  Look around, listen, feel, become part of the moment.  Revel in how wonderful life is.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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