Envy and Jealousy

Envy and Jealousy are two things I rarely fall prone too. My life and circumstances are the way they are, and I’ve gotten here via a past riddled with horrific and depressing events, as well as truly joyful ones; the ups and downs in everyone’s lives I suppose. I wouldn’t want to change what happened as its fundamental to the person I am now.

Recently though a friend was sharing some recent events that had taken place in her life and I found myself really wanting to have similar to happen me and on the same note a little upset musing that life wasn’t fair. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to her, she shared these highlights on a day when I was a bit down. I was cold and short with her.

A good nights sleep though, amazing what that can do. I realized what an ass I was, apologized for my less than stellar enthusiasm and was genuinely happy that her life had turned around and good things were happening for her. She knows me well enough to sense when I’m not in the greatest frame of mind and that’s why she didn’t go into any details.


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