Beating around the bush

One thing I try to always do is be straight with people and expect the same from them.   So when someone beats around the bush and is reluctant to just say whats on their mind I get frustrated.

Last weekend a colleague and I had to work on Saturday night and it was going to be a quick in and quick out.   Routine IT stuff with some of our servers.  I told my wife I’d be home be 9:30pm.   So when I get a text message at almost 2am cause we aren’t home yet you get the picture that things didn’t quite go to plan.  The specifics really don’t matter and that in the end we got it sorted out.    In our workplace there is no overtime or pay for out of hours work, we compensate by taking off time in-lieu.

This week we wanted a quiet week and just have everything work – which it did.  Yay.   So he tells me I can take a day off next week – there were no conditions except the standing one that we both can’t be away at the same time.   He chose Friday ( three day weekend anyone? ) and so I opted for Monday 🙂

Then it started. “Wouldn’t you rather take a different day off?”, “Now I will have to start early and I won’t be able to leave early”.    After a few minutes of this and I was replying with rational responses he conceded and I have my day off.    I can tell he wasn’t pleased, yet didn’t say anything.

A little while later the real meaning came to the fore, “What if I have problems on Monday?”. Then its the same if I’m there and the problems exist – we work through them like always and contact vendor support if we need it. Since I always start early and if any problems arise I get them sorted quick and by the time he gets in everything is working. It must be comforting rocking up to work knowing that everything is working. I don’t have that. Some mornings I wonder what will be broken today or what did someone change that had an unfortunate consequence.

I was annoyed. Why not just say you can take any day off except Monday or I’d really prefer if you could work Monday so we start the week of well.

Be straight with me and I will with you. I think that’s why I get on with the lovely lady in accounting so well. She’s like me. They call her a bitch, while they say I’m direct. That pisses me off too.

I won’t even get started on the general lack of manners and courtesy in society. That’s a rant left for another day.


2 thoughts on “Beating around the bush

  1. One of my pet hates, but something that I have had to work around in NZ and Australian society. We SAs are seen as pushy and rude because we are (generally) direct. Pleased to meet a fellow straight shooter! Life would be so much simpler if people were just honest with themselves and others. Annoying 😦

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