My Day, part 3 (final part)

Wife and son arrived home a little after mid-morning and the doctor has diagnosed him with croup.   He has medication to take for the next three days and then he should be right as rain again.  An audible sigh of relief on my part I can assure you.

Going out for lunch was put aside on account of my son being sick.   I’d rather be home, with him and ensure that he is on the track to recovery.   We had some take-out chicken burgers and chips for lunch.  Simple and tasty.

A little while after lunch I rested on my bed just for a little cat nap, and Kira our foster cat, beside me.  She has really taken to me and we are kind of a team.  I didn’t expect to sleep solidly for almost 3 hours, but I did.  After the stressful week at work I think my body grabbed hold of this chance to relax with it being quiet around the house.

For dinner, we went out to a nice Chinese restaurant.  We had a delicious meal.   It was just my wife, kids and myself.

So, my 40th Birthday soon comes to an end.   I was with my family, which is what matters to me.   I had well wishes from friends and my parents.

Take care everyone.   I hope when your birthday rolls rounds you have a truly wonderful day.


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