My Day, part 2

The original plans for my 40th Birthday were to get the kids off the school and then my wife and I could just spend some time together, have a nice lunch at a restaurant and then as a whole family have some dinner together somewhere nice. 

Life happens, things change and plans get adjusted.    

My son woke up with labored breathing and a bad cough so my wife got ready and they left early to go to the doctor.   Meanwhile I helped get my daughter ready for school, drove her there and saw her off safely.   One the way back, dropped in a the supermarket and did some grocery shopping.

Now I’m home, shopping put away; cat litter trays cleaned, floors vacuumed, I made a caramel latte ( my favourite coffee ) and eating away at the Apple Custard Turnover I picked up during the shopping.   

Still waiting for wife and son to get home.  At this stage our quiet day is kinda over, lunch will be something we can grab to avoid cooking and likely Chinese Take-out for dinner.

You know what though, it doesn’t matter.  We are all together, a happy family and everyday I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have such a wonderful wife, great kids and some remarkable friends.  


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