Ghost in the Machine

Last night I was moving a bunch of files around and I really needed my mouse to makes things easier. While I can use a track pad, for certain things a mouse is better. Anyway I dug up my mouse ( bluetooth ) and tried to use it with my notebook. I’ve used it before and know it does work.

When my daughter, who was watching a movie on the computer next to me turned to me and pointed at the screen and I saw the mouse moving around things started to make sense. She had seen this before so it wasn’t a huge surprise. My mouse was indeed working; with the other computer that I had obviously paired it too at one stage.

Straightened that all out, and still couldn’t get this mouse to work. I decided to plug in my wired mouse and just move on. I think about five minutes had passed and my son was standing at my door with his dinner plate and drink in hand with this scared expression on his face and tears coming from his eyes.

He said that the computer was moving the mouse by itself and made his movie go all funny so he turned it all off and wanted me to have a look what was wrong. Once before I had said to him if the computer does something funny just to turn it off, and he remember to it and come tell me. I gave him a big hug and said that it was ok, I was trying to get my mouse working and had forgotten I had paired it to that computer also. His final words on the matter were “Silly daddy, silly mouse”.

After all was said and done I guess this does have a lesson to take heed of. If you are not intending to use a wireless device you paired with a computer anymore you really should go to the effort of un-pairing it so odd things don’t crop up down the line.


One thought on “Ghost in the Machine

  1. He probably thought that a ghost or an unexplained being was controlling his computer hehehe. Silly daddy! I have a wireless mouse, but I don’t use it anymore because it’s heavier compared to a wired mouse.

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