The Value of the Periphery

This is something you should read and take to heart.

On Thick Ice - The Spurious Imaginings of Reality

Often people tend to undervalue the people out on the fringe of their social circle – friends of friends, former co-workers and their friends, e-quaintances, and so on.  I advise against it.  While it is difficult to stay in touch with everyone you have ever known, even the smallest role becomes a gaping wound when it is taken from you.

Last week, a former colleague passed away in his sleep.  I hadn’t seen him face to face for several years, but we kept in touch here and there.  He had been a DJ for some time, and I kept saying “One of these days I’m going to get out there and see you in action.  It’s far, but when I can I will.”  I never did make it, and while I can say for a fact it was not really in my control whether I could take an evening trip…

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