I have always considered life akin to a tapestry. When its properly framed and mounted everything looks good. When the frame is broken, threads come loose and / or pulled at and start to unravel, it becomes a mess.

That’s how I feel at the moment. While I’m on the mend from an ongoing series of colds/flu variations other aspects are fraying and getting pulled at. My dad recently went into hospital and was told he may need a pace-maker. I have a friend and work colleague who is doing it tough and my heart goes out to her. Another friend, whom I care deeply about and love dearly is about to go through a substantive change in her life, and I wish I could help. Being on the other side of the world doesn’t make it easy. Sometime I think if I just say the right thing that it will help. All I can think to do is just be here, continue being a friend and offer some constancy and stability throughout this change. I want everyone I care about and love to be ok. I’m tired, I’m frazzled and failing at being there for them.

Recently through the medium of this blog, and in communication with friends I have been able to talk about aspects of my past that for want of a better word have haunted me. To everyone that has helped me, I want to offer a sincere thanks.

I need sleep. Good night.


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