Its a bit much I think

I have an android based phone (Samsung S3) and my son of almost 6 years of age likes playing the Rovio games; Angry birds and the like.

Now my son is a smart cookie and when he comes and shows me that its getting harder to play the game I wonder what he means.

Most of these Rovio games are free and Rovio monetize via advertising in game. When we first got these games and I showed him how to play there were one or two ads. Now advertisements are everywhere, popping on screen between levels, lots of ads before you can even start playing. This is ridiculous. They made a free product with a revenue stream, people got hooked and then Rovio upped the ante. All that does is annoy people. You have to find a balance between keeping your customer happy and engaged ( and they keep playing and looking at the ads ) and pissing them off to the point where they remove your products from there device. I can appreciate the need for making money, you have to pay your employees. Some of the other Rovio games we looked at have a few levels then you can choose to make micro payments to get more levels. I’m ok with that. However, they aren’t advertised like that. They fall under the banner of a free game. A few levels is just a teaser. I’m averse to these sorts of practice and I won’t have it.

I’m sorry Angry Birds, you’ve all been uninstalled. Its how I choose to show my disdain for your practices.


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