It pays to read the fine print

What follows really annoyed me and had I not read the fine print who knows what crap would have been installed on my PC.

Anyway, I was looking for a utility to do x task that I needed to do just this one time and cnet downloads apparently had such a utility.

I clicked on a download link which took me to a download page. This page had several download now buttons and it took a minute to find the right one for my utility; turns out it was the smallest one. They try to trick you into downloading something else first.

*annoyed* and I haven’t even got my download yet.

So. File downloads and it passes the AV scan and I run it. Its a downloader not and installer. It wants to talk back to cnet to get your download.

*annoyed* why makes things so complicated. What if I was trying to install this on a non networked computer. Would have been a fail.

First page had three options, Decline, Close and Accept. Reading the fine print this was for some other application to access games on cnets website. Not wanted.

*annoyed* I clicked Decline and it took me to the next page.

This page had same three options for some other piece of crap software I didn’t want and still no mention of the software I wanted to actually install.

*annoyed* This was getting tiresome. The software is free, give me the software without all this crap.

Clicked Decline and got to a third page with Accept and Close on it. oohh no Decline option, but it mentioned the software I wanted. Catch is I can’t install it without agreeing to install some stupid toolbar for Internet Explorer. So I clicked Close.

I am not putting up with having shit software installed on my PC.

Read the fine print, don’t just click next next next. And I certainly recommend steering clear of

Thankfully I can save users on my network the same heart ache and just put there website on the firewall blacklist.


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